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Serving Others with Honor and Kindness

Hospice care is specialized care that focuses on supporting patients and families at the end of life. We prioritize compassion, comfort, and quality of life so our patients can enjoy their remaining days.

Serving Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Newport News, Hampton, Portsmouth, Suffolk, and Williamsburg.

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Wings Over Virginia Hospice

Our mission is to serve patients with honor and kindness. The team at Wings Over Virginia has a fanatical adherence to provide compassionate, unassailable and measured excellence in professional attention to the physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of the dying and their families. Our approach is to enable the best talent, the best teamwork, and the best technology in a cooperative, collaborative, and regulatory compliant manner to serve with transparency and unsurpassed communication to hospice families, patients, and professional peers.

The goal is to help keep the patient as pain-free as possible, with their loved ones close by. The hospice team, along with the patient and family, develops a care plan that meets each patient's individual needs for pain management and symptom control. Additional resources may include:


  • The patient’s personal physician may remain involved

  • Bereavement support for 13 months

  • Volunteers

  • Durable Medical Equipment and supplies

  • Medication related to the terminal illness

  • 4 levels of care: Short term In-Patient, Respite Care, Continuous Care and Routine Home Care

In many cases, family members or loved ones are the patient's primary caregivers. Hospice recognizes their own special needs for support. As a relationship with the hospice begins, hospice staff will want to know how best to support the patient and family during this time.

How is Hospice Care paid for?

Hospice Care is typically paid for by Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance. Call 757-392-9684 or email to request a complimentary consultation or brochure to learn more about our hospice services. 


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Call 757-392-9684 or email to request a complimentary consultation and brochure to learn more about our hospice services.

We recruit the most talented and kind hearted professionals in the industry. If you have hospice experience and are interested in working at Wings Over Virginia, we would love to hear from you. 

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